• How can I request a quote for my move?

    You contact us by using any of our means of communication, we arrange at your place with one of our inspectors who will make an estimation of the cubic meters to move. 48hrs later, you will have a detailed quote of your move.

  • From the moment in which I accept the quote, how long would the shipping formalities take?

    It would take 15 days approx. From the moment in which the packing starts until the container is shipped. This includes de customs management.

  • How are the fragile items and artworks packed?

    These items need a special packing: Tissue paper, bubble pack, corrugated cardboard. Once the items are packed, there are placed inside a wooden drawer.

  • Which is the transportation most commonly used for a move?

    It depends on the destination and the need of each client. The most common one is the maritime one, but the most used is the terrestrial when the moving is done to Mercosur countries like Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay or Chile. The aerial transportation of the personal belongings is the quickest option.

  • Can I hire an “insurance” for my move?

    We always recommend hiring an insurance. You will need a complete list with the value of each item that are being moved. That is how the total cost that is assured is calculated.

  • What should I do to include my pet?

    We offer you a global service. To move your pet, you need all the pet´s documents and a health review of a veterinary in the origin and destination countries. Commonly, the big pets are shipped in pet carriers that the airline provide. In this specific case, the pet flights in a pressurized hold. If the pet is a small one, it can travel in the cabin, if the airline allows it.

  • Is there something that I am not allowed to move?

    The exceptions depend on the destination country. The problem is not going out a country but entering a new one. Regarding food and drinks, in some countries, some products are prohibited and in other they are accepted by paying a tax. You may ask for any jurisdiction

  • If I am moving to another country, am I exempted from tax payments?

    You are exempted from tax payments if you have the papers requested by the destination custom to enter a moving to the country. Each country asks for different papers. You may ask for any jurisdiction.

  • What should I do when arriving to the destination?

    When you arrive, we will contact you with de agent working in the country so they get in touch with the Company and start the custom management to free your shipping.

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